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8 years since my Career Change: Top 5 Tips

I struggled with my career change for over 5 years, seemingly stuck in corporate trappings and therefore by default completely mystified by what the heck I was going to do next. I hate to say it now, considering what I do…I felt I had no choice but to go and see a coach to help me with my career change conundrum. These are the 5 key steps I took in the following months…


#1 Making the decision to change career. Sounds obvious, but as they say at AA, just knowing you need to make a change is often the biggest step. Still rings true for deciding on a career change, and you will feel so liberated; like a huge weight has been lifted. This can often be triggered by something extreme. A simple question to ask yourself: ‘how would you feel or what would life be like if you were to be in your current career for the next 2 years?’ If the answer horrifies you, you know what you need to make a decision on.


#2 Keeping an open mind on my future – just because you’ve been a *insert current role* for the past however many years or worked in *insert current industry* doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you’re fit for in the future. People have made all sorts of wild leaps across careers. So, just by thinking I can be whatever I want or whoever I want to be was a really positive and realistic start on a career change journey.


#3 Making a list of everything I was interested in – this action was pivotal in my career change taking shape. I started with a blank sheet of paper and wrote a list (that I kept adding to) of everything that I was interested in; from house renovations to beauty. However bizarre (sounding to me) or ridiculous an idea, I wrote them down. I soon established a common theme – helping people, creating change; which eventually led me to coaching.


#4 Understanding my strengths, likes and dislikes – I stopped searching the job market and started paying attention inward. I took a long look at projects and tasks I’d been involved in over the last couple of years that I loved. This enabled me to get a deeper understanding of what my strengths were, what I loved doing and more importantly what I really disliked about my professional career.


#5 Taking Action – the ultimate steps to take, but should feel you’re in a position where there is no choice, but for you to take action… you are just compelled to keep moving forward with your idea. OK, so I decided to resign (you can read the story here) and from here it was having a plan, albeit a fairly loose one, and taking daily small but bold steps. With the support of my husband & close friends I was in the process of changing my career and starting up my own business. Things were happening!

Clare at Meta4 was a Career changer back in 2007. Resigning from a corporate career to start-up her own business. Clare offers loads of great freebie resources to help you change your career; whether that’s guiding you towards a decision or taking the action to Make it Happen! They’re easy to implement and most of all get you closer to making the changes you want. Access them here

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