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Are You Ready For Change?

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Ideal coaching clients are those ready for change
The other day I began working with someone who is my perfect client for coaching and mentoring.

This person has reached mid-life and is dissatisfied with aspects of both the business they run and their life outside work too.

They understand what business and life coaching services can deliver and they are ready to make changes and excited about discovering how to get the future they want and deserve.
It’s a real joy when I meet potential coaching clients who are enthusiastic about making changes and ready to start that voyage of discovery with me.

Perfect coaching clients know that their life and work can be improved and they can be happier. They may have some ideas already about what their ideal future would look like – but they are also open-minded and ready to look at their current situation with fresh eyes.
Many people do fall out of love with the businesses they have established – but that doesn’t always mean that a career change IS the answer. Sometimes it is – but sometimes mentoring and coaching can help them rediscover their purpose and find a new way of running their business that re-ignites their passion.

Ironically, many business owners hit a slump and get despondent because they haven’t got enough perfect clients of their own.

Let’s think for a minute about A, B, C and D clients – where A clients are the ideal, B are really good clients, C are average clients and D are the clients from hell. We should all be aiming to work for just A and B clients. We can waste lots of time trying to please the Cs and Ds – and never succeeding. They can be far more trouble than they are worth. If we are able to stop working with the Cs and Ds we can enjoy our work with the As and Bs more. It’s also the case that any potential new customers that the As and Bs refer to you are more likely to be As and Bs themselves.

I know that I can’t deliver effective coaching services to everyone. If people don’t want to commit to the changes in thought and action that will get them on the path to a happier, more balanced and successful life – all the coaching and mentoring in the world can’t help them. But if you think you could be my next ideal coaching client then I’d be really excited to help you shape your life and business around the things that matter to you and help you get as much joy out of your work as I do.