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Be Your Own Boss

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With 80% of today’s workforce disillusioned with their employed status, it’s no wonder many are turning to the idea of major career change and embarking on following a life-long dream of starting a business. If this is you, here are a few tips which will help you move forward from the dream into action stage.

1)      Career change needn’t be out of your reach; just for others with fewer responsibilities, more money, smaller mortgage *insert excuse* as appropriate to you. Major career change will always be scary and starting your own business will always carry an element of risk, but speak to any business owner and they will say the risks outweigh any alternative and this risk can and should be minimised as much as possible. Business start-up costs needn’t be huge – what items can be begged or borrowed? Can products or services you need be offered via a service swop – what skills have you got that can be offered out? It’s time to get imaginative.

2)      When planning your escape route, or new start dependent upon your mind set, develop your plan as if you’re creating on behalf of a friend, act as is it’s their plan. This will stop you immediately putting those automatic obstacles (of why it won’t work usually!) in the way. It will help you think much more freely, creatively and open-mindedly.

3)      Which elements of your career change transition can be completed alongside your current job? Often lots of the ‘laying the foundation’ tasks can be planned and implemented whilst you’re being salaried. Research, research, research: your competition, develop your product and pricing offering, set your goals for the first three months, how will you reach your customer’s and so on…

With so much information at your fingertips go directly to the people or businesses who you admire (or not to notice the pitfalls to avoid) and see what they’re doing well. Plan how you can differentiate yourself and your new business.

Good luck making your dream your reality. If you want TO MAKE IT HAPPEN – check out details of my ‘Be your Own Boss’ Workshop running in September.