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Be your own Life Coach

Are you waiting to be happier, more fulfilled, less busy? Did you set yourself some personal and professional goals in 2015, perhaps some new resolutions have firmly been made this coming year? Before you berate yourself for last years no show on achieved goals, take some time out to remember what you have achieved. The year has gone by so quickly, the blink of an eye doesn’t even cut it, so take the time out to complete this worthwhile exercise.

Grab a sheet of paper or even better a private note book where you can be your own life coach and write down a list of all that you achieved in 2015. From the small stuff through to the bigger stuff. Use a diary or a calendar from last year to do this task, if your memory is anything like mine, lots of great stuff gets forgotten. The list can often be longer than you think and wallowing in the good memories is an enjoyable and uplifting exercise. So, be your own life coach and start your ‘lovely-stuff-i’ve-done-this-year’ list.

We can often put off the really important tasks; like looking for a better career, moving house, leaving an untenable relationship, until it’s… less busy at work, the kids are a little bit older, the market improves, got more money…the list of excuses can go on and can get pretty crazy. But you know from experience there is never a good time for a major life change. Life changes rarely slap you in the face and say ‘do it now’! They require you to make bold decisions and be your own life coach. Life changing moments can often be simple, but never easy, i.e. the actual change you need to make becomes obvious once you think about it and discuss it with objectivity. However, the implementation of it takes and involves you challenging yourself to approach a change, differently. So, ready to be your own life coach and put this thinking into practice? Think about the change you want to make. Write down the 1st three small steps your life change will need. Then follow through with them.

Finally, for 2016, across the 7 main areas of your life: 1) Health & Fitness 2) Leisure Activities 3) Personal Growth 4) Career/Business 5) Family 6) Relationships 7) Finance write down 1 small achievement you’d love to make and one big achievement you’d love to make in each area and place somewhere prominent in your everyday life. Move it around, so you keep seeing it.

Being your own life coach takes planning and it also takes commitment to your own cause, so come on, what are you waiting for!?

Clare at Meta4 was a Career changer back in 2007. Resigning from a corporate career to start-up her own business. Clare offers loads of great freebie resources to help you change your career; whether that’s guiding you towards a decision or giving you the confidence to Make it Happen! They’re easy to implement and most of all get you closer to making the changes you want.