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Becoming a Life Coach

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Many people ask me: ‘How to go about becoming a Life Coach’. Here’s a few helpful tips and information to get you started.

How to find the right qualification

This really depends on what it is you want to achieve as a Life Coach and with your future clients. What problems or issues do you want to help them solve; fears, phobias, career direction etc. There are so many different qualifications and specialism’s out there. Which direction do you want to take? Follow your heart, after all it’s your passion and enthusiasm that will get to where you ultimately want to be. Research local, national coaches you admire and see what qualifications they hold. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a great qualification, as it enables you to have major breakthroughs, which in turn will enable you to help clients do the same with their obstacles.

How to get started

Other than the all important qualifications, the only other major initial outlay should be invested in a website, that; firstly, reflects your values, engages with your potential Life Coaching clients, advising them how you can help them through coaching and should more importantly be found by your potential clients. Be confident in the look, feel and content of your website; it’s the first port of call for your customer. Invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Do your homework, there are lots of great SEO companies out there, who will help get your site found more easily.

Getting to your clients

The great news is there are so many different and accessible (and free!) routes to market: your clients. A quick and comprehensive Top 5 list: 1) Networking – this will build your confidence in your product and service more quickly than any other marketing method, will get you quickly establishing yourself  within the business arena and will enable you to build the relationships and trust necessary to getting your coaching business off the ground. 2) Have a website that you’re proud of, and will be found. 3) Run workshops, talks on your specialist subject; engage with the public and showcase how you can help. Do this for free to start with, so you can establish what works and where. 4)  Use Social Media to get your message out there. The great thing about Social media is its free, just takes your time, which in the initial stages you’ll have plenty of. 5) Get some testimonials together; practice your new skills and techniques on friends and family who want coaching. Use their feedback as the grounding for your showcasing your experience.

So, what are you waiting for, Life Coaching is fulfilling and rewarding career choice.