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Birmingham: A great city to Start and Build your Business

Birmingham is a great city and one I am extremely proud of, so if you’re not ready to hear the virtues of our great city, as a business owner, look away now!

Living and running your business in Birmingham now ,could not be at a better time. There are so many things for you to be proud, and taking advantage of, in Birmingham.

Business Grow Hub 

We have a great Business Growth Hub headed up by Ian McLaughlin, Ian is really passionate about helping local business owners gain access to finance, connect with useful partnerships, gain advice and access to specialists in whatever field you need: international trade, employing staff, employer responsibilities – the list is endless. They are based in the city centre and expand as far as Solihull. So take a look at what they offer and make contact, find how they can help you and your business grow.

Birmingham, for its location, has always had really strong connections with the whole of the UK, being centrally located means we’re never far from anywhere. However, more recently seeing unprecedented transformation with Grand Central and other city centre spots has helped to bring to fruition a great statistic emerging from our lovely city – a 95% increase in new businesses. The most popular destination for startups outside of London. Use a Business Coach and you’ll see more and more of those startups surviving and thriving! How can you use this transformation to benefit your business?

Making Great Business Connections

A 2nd city like Birmingham not only has great travel connections, it also boasts incredible connections between local industry, colleges and businesses alike. With a huge number of networking opportunities for all and any businesses and their owners to share ideas, seek out new connections and uncover new business. Seek out a Birmingham venue and you will more than likely find a networking event that is happening there on one day or another. Seek and ye shall find! Make it a January goal to attend a new networking event in the city centre.

Birmingham: 3rd Happiest City

Birmingham has also just been ranked the best regional city for quality of life for the 3rd year running.

So, if you are considering a business startup in Birmingham, what other reasons are you hoping for in order to get yours off the ground? There’s no better time. And if you’re making plans for growth in your Birmingham business this year, then now is a great time to turn those goals into a tangible plan and why not use a business coach to make them a reality.


Clare at Meta4 has been running her own coaching and training business since 2007. Clare offers loads of great freebie resources to help you grow your business; they’re easy to implement, engaging and most of all they get you your business growth results!