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Birmingham: a hot-spot for Business Start-Ups

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Birmingham, UK is a thriving city for Business Start-Ups, featuring in the news in recent years for all the right reasons. So, if you’re looking for some convincers to start-up your own business in Birmingham; look no further: ‘Midlands’ beauty businesses booming’, ‘new entrepreneurs threaten established order in West Midlands’, ‘Birmingham bucks the UK retail trend’, ‘Birmingham named as the start-up hotspot’. All stories point to thriving entrepreneurialism and a hot bed for career changers to business start-ups.

Here are 5 reasons why Birmingham is the best city for your business start-up to thrive:

1)       Birmingham is not only the second city, but it’s also the second largest economy in the UK: ‘a major engine of UK growth outside of London’.

2)      Business networking groups in Birmingham are ubiquitous. They consist of a variety of different formats to suit all attendees; always well attended, sometimes free and business always being passed.

3)      From Birmingham you can access over 98% of the UK’s market – consumer and business, all within a 4 hour travel time. Real easy opportunities for you to expand your start-up reach.

4)      Birmingham has a huge number of famous brands – this tells you that it’s a place that businesses thrive. They were all start-ups once:- Birds Custard, Typhoo Tea, Brylcream, Cadbury’s, HP to name a few.

5)      With nearly 2 million people in Birmingham, it’s big enough to offer a plenitude of business opportunities to explore, but small enough that it’s easy to get to know the rest of the local, friendly business community; where knowledge, advice and expertise is readily shared and offered around.

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