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Calm the Career Change Terrors

A career has no longer being a thing for life for a good number of decades now. So why does career change fill us with dread, terrors and general fear..? Because it’s still a huge leap into the unknown. And as humans we tend to be creatures of habit: same route to work, same car parking space, same routine morning after morning. It’s no surprise what even thinking about changing your career can do to your physiology. So, how can these thoughts be calmed and channeled in a more positive way? Here’s My Story to share how my career change happened.


If you’ve even been thinking about career change, I’d say that your thought processes are at least worth following up. It doesn’t mean you have to take the ultimate action, just keep following each one of them through, so at least you can say to yourself that you have thoroughly explored your options and you’re making an informed decision; whichever way that goes. Here are a handful of actions you could take without too much time investment or habit changing.


  1. Research some other career changers. What steps have they taken to establish their dream career and implement it.

  2. Think about and write down the first three steps you might take towards career change

  3. Make an appointment with a Life Coach or Career Coach. Most, if not all, offer a free, no obligation consultation. You’d be surprised at what answers you uncover just in a 30 minute chat.

  4. Do a brain dump, mind map, note down everything you know about your career change thoughts. Split out the positives and negatives and aim to just concentrate on the positives. It’s easier for our brains to remain on all the negatives and obstacles and these can be real easy to overcome once you have all of the positives in place. Where’s there’s a will….

  5. Write down a list of all your strengths and skills. We often think we are only programmed to be in the one job we’re in ‘I haven’t got any skills’ ‘I don’t know what else I’m good at’. If need be ask a colleague or a close friend who knows what work you do. It sometimes helps to get a little perspective or objectivity.

It’s a lot easier to keep moaning about your current career than it is to change careers; however the long term gain and rewards can far outweigh the pain of not at least pursuing your career change thoughts. Will you regret not exploring your options further? Avoid the regrets and book a consultation with a life coach now.


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