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Mind Your Own Business!


No really…you should know where your business is coming from. It’s not always easy to pinpoint; however by asking the question from enquirers and logging the information you’ll find it so much easier to understand which marketing avenues to develop, tweak or drop even. Either way saving you heaps of time, confusion and reaping you lots of results and rewards along the way.


I heard a recent statistic that 70% of all business in the UK comes through networking. That’s a huge amount of business being passed over a pleasant lunch, breakfast or glass of wine. Whatever your preference, you will find a networking group or meet up that works well for you, your business and that fits into your lifestyle too. There are plenty of great sites and organisations that will point you in the direction of the nearest one that will no doubt also meet all of your personal and business requirements. What are you waiting for?


So, here’s my business breakdown: my top marketing tool in 2014 was my website with 34% of the ‘vote’! Which is exactly the goal I set; to have the majority of my work coming through to me via my website, as, this is a tool which can obviously work while you’re not; it’s more cost effective and does most of the ground work for you – as long as you’ve fed the right information into the front end.  Know your ideal customer, what language they use, what are their pressure points – what results are they looking for? Develop your content to suit and now you know the language they speak you can develop your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with them in mind too.


Closely followed in second place was Networking, with a 31% share. I chair two monthly networking groups: a women’s group based in Tamworth and a Mastermind group for business owners in Sutton Coldfield. What I get out of networking (as well as business) can mean so much more: solutions on current business issues, education on new business solutions, meeting like-minded business owners, motivation, inspiration, accountability, personal development. I could go on. All of this, although takes up my time, saves me so much time and effort in the longer term. If I have a problem, I just share this with my network and I’m offered a myriad of brilliant solutions to help me fix it. Priceless.

In third place was Word of Mouth with 16% – these marketing avenues all have spores off them, so it’s not an exact science; however, it does mean you have more of an understanding of what works for you and also that you need to have all of your marketing tools working in tandem and being up to date, fresh and with relevant and new information and offerings available to the new and returning customer.


Which methods work for you best and which ones need some more attention in order to work better? Want to get really focussed and accountable for your business and associated growth tasks; get in touch now.


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