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Have the Confidence (for Career Change)

I know that it’s seems like a big, scary, huge decision. But really if you’re even considering it at all; it more than likely means you’ve achieved everything you can from your current career or you’re fed up with it. Either way, ask yourself this: ‘What have I really got to lose…?’ That’s the question I asked myself 8 years ago.


When I changed my career and set up in business so many people told me how brave I was. But I never thought of myself as brave (I still don’t) I always just thought what have I got to lose. I can easily find another job (to dislike!) on the same pay – I was on a good middle management pay scheme. So, it was a confident decision. And here’s how I made my career change confidently:

With a little help – enlisting the help of a good coach. Discussing career change and potential options with friends and family is all well and good; however, you’ll find they will offer suggestions of what you can do, rather than listening to you or challenging your thoughts and beliefs on which career will really make you tick and jump for joy out of bed in the morning!

Planning – give yourself a bit of breathing space for making your career change decision. Another 3 – 6 months in the grand scheme of things is not going to make much of difference; only in the positive. It’ll stop you from jumping from the frying pan into the fire. You can then fully explore all your options and really step back, away from the rat race and think about what your strengths are, what makes you tick and where and who you really want to be working with and what you want to be achieving from your career.


With support (from the right people) – share your career change steps with the right people in your life – you know who they are. Or, if you don’t currently have the right people in your life, find them. With so many groups online and off you will find the support you need. These people are invaluable at this stage of big personal and professional change. Career change can be a scary place, but by surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people they will give you the confidence you need.


Always look forward – after all what’s the point in looking back, you can’t change the past. Focus on your future: what do you want to achieve, where do you want to get to, what steps will you need to take to get you there? All great questions to thoughtfully plan out and keep reminding yourself of them to keep you on the right track.


Keep positive; you can do it! If you want to help to identify your dream career or business and want to make it happen, then contact me now.


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