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Developing a Positive Mindset

Develop a Positive Mindset

In the last couple of years we have seen a huge rise in the amount of talk around mindfulness, mindset and the power of positive thinking. Either that or I am just attracting those conversations, clips and social media posts with my mindset! Whichever way, I can categorically state the most positive I am in my mindset the more successful I become; both in my personal life and in my business. Fancy following suit? Here’s the exercises I follow:

Positive Affirmations

Mohammed Ali said: ‘it is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction things begin to happen’.

So, think about what you want to achieve, in any situation, any goal etc. Turn that goal into the here and now, starting with ‘I am…’ such as ‘I am feeling strong, fit and healthy’ and practice saying that out loud (every day sometimes 10 times a day) until it becomes a belief and you get an excited, passioned, enthusiastic feeling about achieving that goal. Once you’ve got the affirmation to that point you’re on to a winner! You will really start to experience positive changes. Practice it diligently every time a negative thought creeps in.


10 years ago meditation was probably thought of as a bit woo woo. Now there are so many apps, CD’s and downloads, you can find a meditation exercise to suit you, your available time frame and what you’d like to achieve from it. It was even featured on the new Sky Atlantic drama, Billions, as practiced by the billionaires. I’ve found an app called Headspace that is perfect for giving me 10 minutes peace, and at 10 minutes I can always find time to slot that into my day. I’m always so surprised at how refreshed and positive I feel after I’ve stopped for just this short amount of time.


I haven’t found anyone to date that finds it easy to get out and exercise and no one that doesn’t feel totally amazing once they’re back home and showered! We all know exercising releases endorphins, which help to make us feel empowered, revitalised and generally feeling pretty good. Running helps to give you perfect perspective from a particular challenge, which in turn gives you the space to think about it from a different angle, talk it through in your head and come up with a solution. It’s the not-having-anything-else-to distract your thoughts or hands. Leave your phone and headphones behind and just treat yourself to run freely. A friend of mine is running to a farther lamppost every run just to get herself out further each time.


I love practising gratitude, as a firm believer in the law of attraction, that states you will attract more of what you’re grateful for. Practicing gratitude is a helpful reminder at the end of each day as to what you’ve got to be thankful for, (there are more than you think!) which makes you feel pretty positive, paying more attention to the good helps you to feel more present in those good times and they bring you more of the stuff you love. What have you got to lose. Go buy yourself a notebook and get writing, remember that – writing?! It’s good for your positive and mental well-being…

Clare Whalley celebrated 10 years in business in 2017. A great milestone to achieve. She graduated with an International degree in English and Education and went into corporate life to pursue a career outside of teaching. Successfully passing a rigorous graduate scheme into a blue chip company; working in several positions across team management, customer service and sales roles. A working trip to India helped her decide to resign, retrain and set up her own coaching and training business.

Clare now lives in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham with her two young children, Isabelle and James and her husband Rob.

Clare works with fellow business owners to help them create a business they love too. She uses strategies and tools which will help business owners get to the clients they love to work with, with more consistency and ease.

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