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Finding your Motivation


Just for a brief (brief!) moment your life flashes in front of you, ‘I had big dreams of becoming a…’ – even if this sentence finishes with ‘something else’ then if that’s not enough of a motivation to get you moving forward, then here’s how to find the motivation to take action on the 1st step towards career change.


Sit back and take 2 minutes to think about your future, 2 years from now. Are you still in the same career you're in now? Go on, close your eyes and do it. Now.

So, what happened. Were you still sat, stood in the same place and did that thought bring you out into a cold sweat, or was it a happy one. If it’s the latter you can turn off and go and do something else even better…


So, here’s how to motivate yourself to do something about your desired career change. Read through first and then sit back to complete the exercise.


Think back to the last time you were motivated about something, really motivated. This could be anything at all – booking a holiday, learning something new, sorting out visiting an old friend. Put yourself right back in that initial moment that got you feeling really motivated about it. Remember the feeling and make all the colours and what you saw at that time really rich and bright and bold and think about any sounds that were important at that time.

Place all of this on a massive imax screen, so it’s all bursting with energy. Add a soundtrack to it as well if you can for added fizz. Once you have all of this lock it in place and put your thumb and forefingers into the Yoga pose…and just wallow in that feeling until it starts to dissipate, then loosen your fingers.


Re-read or practice that exercise again. It should be a great place to go, so go there again.

Now. Think about your future career change dream and as soon as you do, get yourself back into the Yoga pose. The one you used for ‘Finding your Motivation’. This should now create the motivation you need to take the 1st step. So all I ask now is what’s that 1st step. This is what I did or check out Abigail’s story.


Clare at Meta4 was a Career changer back in 2007. Resigning from a corporate career to start-up her own business. Clare offers loads of great freebie resources to help you change your career; whether that’s guiding you towards a decision or taking the action to Make it Happen! They’re easy to implement and most of all get you closer to making the changes you want. Access them here


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