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Get a Dream Career; Get a Life!

Listen in envy, watch through green eyes at those friends, family members, TV personalities who have the career of your dreams!?

None of their careers fell into their lap did they? And many have been successful and happy and then still changed careers to fulfill different dreams. Lorraine Pascale: successful model changed career to Hypnotherapist to Car Mechanics. Finally ‘settling’ on a Chef. Realising restaurant hours would not suit her,  she chose to establish herself as a specialist cake maker; see, making choices the whole way.

So, how do these happy and fulfilled in their career find their path?

They are ready to face their fears – the unknown is much more likely to be more rewarding than the comfortable, secure, safe known. They are willing to try (and fail) – only they don’t see it as failure, they view it as making other choices to see what works, what suits them better, rule out what they don’t like to find out what they do.

Explore their strengths and find out what makes them tick. They spend time, not dwelling on what’s making them unhappy and unfulfilled, but instead on what they have to offer, their skills, strengths, principles and values.

Willing to do whatever it takes Your dream career rarely comes to you in a light bulb moment. It takes dedication, a structured thought process and very often trying out your ideas for size – just as you would test drive a car, they find an opportunity to job shadow or ‘test drive’ a few career choices of interest.

Prepared to take a leap of faith already successful, maybe even happy in their current career; just not completely fulfilled, experiencing a feeling that something is missing. However, they are still prepared to take the leap towards their dream career. Are you? Once you do: Get Your Dream Career; Get your Dream Life! Grab my free ‘Be your Own Coach’ Guide and action sheet and see what career changes you can ignite.