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How the coaching programs are delivered

Running my own business since 2007 and 10 years in industry prior to that, ensures I deliver coaching to you in the most effective and results-driven way possible. With a first hand and thorough understanding of the challenges every business owner encounters my coaching ‘The Next Level Coaching Program’ coaches business owners to develop a scalable business; create a seamless customer experience, a dedicated team, and a more in-control you – achieving more with your time with a high focus on business development. I take into account the best environment to facilitate business growth, working with business owners who are open to change, committed to taking forward-thinking actions and most of all offering an investment to you and your business which results in strategies that give you and your business more structure, your team working more effectively; as a result your business will make more money and your time will be better balanced

I offer an initial consultation where we will discuss what you’re aiming to achieve against your current challenges and gaps. You can request a chat here.

The Next Level Business Coaching is offered via a 12 month coaching program through three different methods, dependent upon your needs and all coaching programs include:

  • Business Builder – a comprehensive book containing all resources and sheets for rapid implementation
  • Private Facebook group – a group of like-minded business owners coming together to share successes, common challenges and setting weekly goals for accountability
  • Planning and Strategy Goal Setting day (in person or virtually) to map out your year ahead
  • Free access to two meetings at Angels’ Business Mastermind Network, an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded business owners, share goals and delve into a business growth workshop*
  • Monthly face to face coaching with your coach Clare

Utopia Coaching Program – Who is it for?

This program is for high achievers; business owners who want to ramp up their revenue generating activities for rapid progression. You experience high levels of accountability and an immediate increase in your client base. You gain crucial feedback on your activities with shared tools to get you and your business moving quickly. You will enjoy dedicated time, space and guidance throughout your program.

Mastery Coaching Program – Who is it for?

This program is for business owners who are eager to implement in a guided environment. You will have access to a dedicated and highly focused business development and work space on a monthly basis for added accountability. You will get any question answered and real-time feedback and guidance from your peers and coach on any business collateral put together. With this program you will make new business connections and create the time and space to strategise and implement in the most productive way.

Breakthrough Coaching Program – Who is it for?

This program is for business owners who are independent and self-motivated to achieve their best results.  You will make continuous progress in your business at a consistent pace. You will develop monthly strategies and actions to keep you focused and on track for success. With this program we schedule one face to face meeting and an in-between monthly call so you can keep accountable and moving forward, eliminating obstacles and getting to your clients with more ease.


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