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How to Sell more Easily to the People you Love Working With

Get Really Clear on your Perfect Client

This sounds so obvious, but still needs highlighting right at the top, your ideal client can often get lost, forgotten and you can easily get off track with and is essential to your business growth. They must be at the forefront of your mind and every message that you put out there. Time to get really clear. What do you know about them, age, gender, demographic, geographics, children, job? Where would you be most likely to find them? What challenges do they have? What problems are they looking for you to solve for them? Once you have all this information, it’s so much easier to be talking directly to them in your marketing and once you find one another so much easier to sell and for them to buy from you.

Find your perfect fit networking group

75% of business in the UK last year was done through business networking! With so many varied networking groups out there, go out and try them all on, find out which group suits you best. The formats vary enormously and what works for my business may not work for you and yours. As a results driven business coach working with clients on a 1-1 basis, I enjoy a more formal format, one with an agenda, an opportunity to do a 60 second business presentation and hear from all the other businesses too. As an added bonus it’s also useful to hear from a speaker on a topic useful to me in terms of business growth; something that’s going to inspire and motivate. The attendees are also key, people who you are going to see on a regular basis and are like-minded in their business approach.

Develop your Marketing with your Perfect Client at the Heart of Everything

Once you know who your perfect client is (see above) it’s really easy to develop your marketing so it’s completely in line with how they think, talk and it gets in front of them too. Whether it’s social media posts, e-newsletter, webinar or at networking events all of your marketing should be directly related to solving your customer's’ challenges. Use the language they use and provide a clear call to action on how they can easily buy from you or work with you.

Package Up Your Offering

The biggest key to small business success is threefold; understand what your customer wants from you, make it easy for people to buy what they want from you, offer them choices. With a service led small business this is easy, package up what you offer into three choices; entry level, mid-range and your all singing all dancing offering; add value, be clear on what problems you will solve for them and what benefits they will gain as a result.

Clare at Meta4 has been running her own coaching and training business since 2007. Clare offers loads of great freebie resources to help you grow your business; they’re easy to implement, engaging and most of all they get you your business growth results!

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