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We all have people we admire on the TV, magazines or at work. Don’t we? Perhaps it’s Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Aniston or the person who sits next to you at the office. They always appear confident, in control and able to deal with any situation that is thrown their way. How do they do it? Well, they’re human just like the rest of us; however, let’s model their seemingly good behaviour and try it on for size. You’ll need a mirror for this exercise. Imagine (insert name) standing in front of you. Step into (insert name) How does he/she feel? What is he/she wearing? What is her/his internal dialogue? What is he/she saying? Where does he/she feel it, i.e. stomach, head, chest? Give the feeling a colour, move it to where he/she feels good. Move the colour and push it from top to bottom. Increase the brightness and double it again. Staying in this person’s perspective, open your eyes, what do you see and feel? Finally, remember a time when someone paid you a compliment. Close your eyes and re-live the compliment. This can all be added to your anchor to make it really, really strong.