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"What career path should I take?"


You've spent months and maybe years (I did!) agonising over this question; working in a career you hate or feel completely unfulfilled, stressed and frustrated in because the alternative is too daunting; lack of security, fear of change…failure. Working with a coach will give you the objective sounding board you need to articulate your ideas, will help remove the barriers and obstacles you're placing in the way and will empower you with the confidence and self belief you need to make your career change.

My 'Make it Happen' coaching programs are designed to help you achieve your Business Start-Up in the most effective way. Once we've had an initial consultation to find out where you would love to be, you will embark on getting closer to your business startup.


Aiming for a Business Startup:

Here are a few steps involved in getting you closer to your startup goals…

Explore Your Values

The first and most important step to implementing any major life change is to explore your values. Your values are your rules for how your personal and professional life is run. Research shows that successful people are successful because their values are completely aligned with the work they do and the life they lead. So; for example, if 3 of your top values are: creativity, positive attitude and spirit in life you would quickly realise why working in a restrictive and highly political, corporate office role is making you unhappy, unfulfilled and stressed.

Discover Your Strengths

Remind yourself of tasks or projects you've completed in the past that left you feeling completely rewarded. Write about the goal of the task, the constraints, the final result and then sum up why it was a success. Once you have explored several stories you will soon start to notice a pattern with regards to your skills; are you geared toward mental tasks; i.e. gathering, creating, researching or the physical or people orientated tasks: referring, guiding or negotiating.

Make the Magic Happen

The most exciting step of all is to wave that magic wand! The wand has been waved: there are no financial restrictions, you have all the necessary skills, and you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever career you want to. What does your life look like? Draw a picture, cut out images and words from magazines that you are drawn to.

"It's an exciting, enlightening and change orientated process, which will leave you feeling really motivated and clear about your future".

Stop wasting time worrying. Be excited about your future and start having fun in what you're doing: call or contact Clare now to find out how on +44 (0) 7739 196896


Take Action!

Of course, one of the most important steps to any major change is to take action! A coach will help you work through the steps you need to take and give you that much needed accountability. A great coach will help you work on your self-belief, communication, confidence and presentation skills in order to equip you with the right skills so you can implement your plan and make your startup happen as smoothly as possible. Imagine when these skills start to become second nature to you…

Areas of Expertise:

Coaching focuses on all aspects and areas of your professional life. In most cases to fix one area, it's important to analyse many of the areas below. The great news – they're easy to fix once you've made the all important decision to make that change.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) offers some great skills and techniques to combat all or any of these issues:

 Startup Coaching  Focus & Motivation  Confidence Building
 Self-Belief  Presentation & Communication Skills  Stress Management

Make it Happen Startup Coaching

Over 9 years Life Coaching experience ensures I deliver coaching to you in the most effective way possible. I take into account the best environment to facilitate change; coaching ambitious individuals who are open to change, committed to taking action and most of all I offer an investment to you which results in loads of value and most of all a life changing experience.

I offer an initial, free consultation where we will discuss what you're aiming to achieve against where you are now and with the help of a few exercises to understand the gaps. My coaching programs clearly show what you will achieve session by session, for you to start reaping immediate results.

Make it Happen Business Coaching sessions are offered via a 12 month coaching program.

Breakthrough Block, Mastery and Utopia

  • Each coaching program delivers 90 minute monthly coaching, supported by email, phone and skype calls in-between sessions as per your chosen coaching program.

  • All coaching sessions are delivered alongside a structured coaching program developed to meet your specific goals and needs. 

  • All coaching programs are supported by wide-ranging resources and materials 

Take a look through my success stories to find out what others have achieved through coaching.

Contact Clare now to arrange your FREE consultation, call 07739 196896
"Clare helped me when I didn't know which way to turn, helped me decide what I wanted most in my life & helped me draw up strategies, plans and goals. I am now much clearer in what I want and have already started making major changes" Ellen


Personal and Business Development Workshops

Clare at Meta4 also offers her 1-1 coaching in workshop format for those who thrive or work better in numbers. The workshops are delivered to small groups of 6 individuals and are interactive, hands-on, results driven; designed to inspire, motivate and create action.

Current workshops on offer:

Selling Made Easy

Dealing with Conflict

Presentation and Communication Skills

Time Management, Stress & Work-Life Balance Coaching

Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal Setting

Request further information and an outline of the workshops by contacting Clare here or call on 07739 196896


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