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There are always tasks you can be doing to sustain and grow your business. I think the key here is not to rest on your laurels. So, let me share three successful pointers that will help you strategise for some short and medium term business growth.

Three simple business growth strategies to build the correct foundations for your business, so it can grow successfully: working when you want, where you want, with who you want.

Firstly, ‘Know your Customer’ – Develop a broad description of one of your Ideal Customers – think about someone, or a company that you’ve worked with in the past who ticked all of your perfect business growth boxes. Being self-employed means you should be able to pick and choose who you want to work with! Let’s go ahead and create the ideal. Once you have this description, think about 1) what their end-goal is, what language would this customer use to identify their current issue 2) What is their greatest hesitation in trying out your offering and 3) What is the best way to engage with this customer? Once you’ve answered all these questions you thoroughly understand your ideal customer which in turn means you can relate all of your marketing material (namely web content) to talking directly to them and answer all their questions before they even arise.

Leading us very nicely into ‘Marketing’ – as a growing business you should be spending at least 40% of your time on marketing activities, that’s 15 hours in an average 37 hour week. Even if you’re not actively looking for business growth keep your existing customer’s happy, make sure they are not going to leave you for your competition; so, focus your time and energy on them. There are so many routes to your existing and new customers, which ones work best for you and more importantly your customers? Brace yourself for a lovely, long list: networking, blogs, website, social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc, speaker slots, newsletters, flyers, exhibitions, business cards, video promotions, door-to-door, surveys, editorials, direct mail (making a come-back!) and let’s not forget the good old-fashioned telephone. So, take your pick, select around 8 potential marketing methods, plan and implement over the next 3 months, ensuring you have your objective in mind; your most wanted response and your customers’ call to action.

Final step: ‘Give your Customers Choice’ this has had a profound business growth effect on my business and the business coaching clients I work with. Package up what you have to offer. For example, my Life and Business coaching service is offered in 3 different packages (4 if you include pay as you go) Breakthrough, Mastery and Utopia all tiered in pricing, whilst also offering discounts on each package. As consumers, whether it’s domestic or commercial we all want choice and options. This creates a real clear picture for a customer what is on offer and what will be achieved or gained from the option. Your customer is so much more likely to buy from you if you’re offering choice. Here’s to more business growth…

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