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My Story – Hospitalisation or Resignation?

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Taking a Leap of FaithIn 2007, I knew and had known for a long time; professionally I needed to be doing something else. Graduating with an International degree in English & Education and working in management in a corporate environment just weren’t fulfilling my dreams.  Not that I knew what my dreams were! I was working hard, stressed most of the time, unfulfilled and unhappy and at some points feeling pretty desperate. I turned 30 and knew something had to change.

1st Steps…

I approached a Life Coach. I didn’t know anything about what ‘they’ did at that time. However, at that point I felt out of options. It was a brilliant, liberating and a frankly luxurious experience. I was able to be completely honest about who I was, what I wanted, REALLY wanted, and how I thought I could make it happen. And this was all done without judgment, presumptions or second guessing or making bizarre suggestions about possible career options; which I’d had a lot of until this point.

There and then I knew I would be resigning from my well-paid, comfortable, secure job with all the trimmings; car, pension, phones, laptop, yearly salary increments and a rewarding share scheme. I’d got quite a big mortgage, a self-employed husband and no savings. Arrgh! Most people thought I was mad, some people brave, whilst others, I think, just stood back and watched, waiting for it all to go horribly wrong. It never did. Deep down I knew if all else failed that job would still be there, ok in a different guise and different company, but essentially a job. But, I didn’t want any job. The coaching had made me see I wanted to be self-employed; running my own business, working with people I loved working with, helping them to achieve their own successful business too. So, I retrained and embarked on running my own coaching and training business.


Nine years into my own business I now earn more than I ever could have working full time in a job. I work 4 days a week, have flexibility, generate money for amazing adventures for my family and do all the best things life has to offer. All whilst running a business that completely fulfills me, helping others do exactly the same achieve their own dream business.

We carry around a belief that we don’t have choices, that we’re trapped in jobs because of bills to pay, children to maintain etc. They’re only the trappings we allow ourselves to get into. Release the chains! Make choices that work better for you and the people you want to surround yours. To quote a favourite: ‘Life isn’t too short; it’s too long to be unhappy.’ If you want to create a business that you’ve always dreamed of get in touch now.

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