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Pity Parties

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Remember when you were a small child? Each time you cried, you got picked up and hugged. Yes? This would probably make you cry a little bit harder? Now, as adults when we get upset another adult only has to look at us in a sympathetic way, let alone put their arms out to give us a hug and we all but crumble into tiny pieces. Agree? This is because the childhood hug has created a negative anchor – a movement or touch which is synonymous with a feeling. We get the hug, we get the cry! So, all you have to do is create a positive anchor. And this is how you do it…

Remember a time when you felt really happy/confident/motivated etc, re-live that time – hear what you heard, see what you saw and feel all the same feelings you felt at that time. Make all the colours in the picture really rich, bright and intense. Once you can really feel the changes in every fibre of your being press your middle finger and thumb together on each hand and wallow in the feelings until they begin to subside then let go. Practice this, press your fingers back together and watch and feel the feelings naturally come back to you! This is a really powerful tool and can be used to change your state of mind whenever you want to.