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Secret’s Out – Selling is Easy!


Having ran a ‘How to Sell Effectively and Confidently’ workshop last month, it’s clear that most business owners are scared of, and will do almost anything to steer away from selling. Which can mean most businesses are missing out on ‘easy wins’ – when the customer actually wants to buy from you, but either doesn’t know how to, or that you as the seller seem disinterested in their business; we’re that desperate to come across as un-pushy, we’re giving out the opposite impression! These following tips and tools are all about making the sales process simple, stress-free and dare I say, even enjoyable!


#1 Firstly, even the word ‘selling’ or ‘sales’ can fill us with dread; images of  old-fashioned sales techniques spring to mind, some still used by double glazing or car sales businesses. Urgh. Instead reframe selling and think of is as ‘sharing’ your products and services with potential or existing customers who love what you do. As business owners I would hope you’re not cold calling and you’re using easier and more effective methods to reach your market. So ‘sharing’ is apt.  


#2 Business to Business or Business to Consumer  – make your life easier by setting up the ‘share’. Create a 2-3 step sharing process before you ask for the ‘Yes!’ Here’s what I mean: send your potential customer/enquirer a list of 3 or 4 questions to qualify their interest. Reason being several fold. Helps you to gage their interest, commitment (cuts out the time wasters) assists in your understanding of their issue or requirements from you – helping you to solution find more easily, plus, starts their journey with you off to a more professional start. With the added benefit of committing them to you time wise and emotionally. The second part of this ‘share’ process would be to point them towards your testimonials or success stories, so they can see exactly what they will achieve or gain from working with you/buying from you or what problems you will help them to solve. These two steps can work for ANY business! Try it, people buy emotionally.


#3 Be Confident. Ask for the business. Work out a couple of lines that work for you, that you could see yourself getting comfortable with. A great NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) technique is to use a double bind – a question giving the illusion of choice. So, when would you like to go ahead this week or next? Practice it. Get comfortable with it.


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