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Setting Bold & Compelling Business Goals

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Needless to say taking time out of your business to think about and set goals for what you want to achieve in the next 12 months is essential to yours and your business success. If you don’t know what you want to achieve; how will you keep your own personal and business development moving forward? Did you know your unconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind? So, that needs to be working for you and your business too.

Now is a great time to be turning your mind to 2015. The final quarter of 2014 is now underway; reflect on the rest of 2014 and have one final push for the remainder of the year, which will place you in great stead for achieving big and getting January 2015 off to the best start possible.

Mind Mapping for Business GrowthMind Mapping is an excellent tool to help you train your brain to think big, bold and compelling when it comes to your business. They are a really effective way of organising and structuring your thoughts – often referenced as the Swiss Army knife for the brain! Once you learn how to use them prepare for them to be used to sort, organise and plan for all areas of your life; they’re revolutionary!

Once you have your business vision mind mapped for the next 12 months, it’s then important of course, to start planning for the steps you will implement so you can start taking action for your vision. It’s best to break these actions into 3, 6 and 12 month steps, so you can keep yourself on track to achieving. Think about and plan for any additional resources you may need in order to achieve: training, colleague advice, input etc.

Finally, make sure you write your goals down, rather than using technology for this. Research offers staggering statistics: 3% of a Harvard class who had written goals were earning, on average, 10 x as much as the remaining 97% of the class. So, what are you waiting for: get creating your vision?!

Clare Whalley celebrated 10 years in business in 2017. A great milestone to achieve. She graduated with an International degree in English and Education and went into corporate life to pursue a career outside of teaching. Successfully passing a rigorous graduate scheme into a blue chip company; working in several positions across team management, customer service and sales roles. A working trip to India helped her decide to resign, retrain and set up her own coaching and training business.

Clare now lives in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham with her two young children, Isabelle and James and her husband Rob.

Clare works with fellow business owners to help them create a business they love too. She uses strategies and tools which will help business owners get to the clients they love to work with, with more consistency and ease.

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