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Never one to run out of ideas on how to grow and keep growing my coaching business, here’s the top 5 actions I have taken this year that have reaped the most success. In no particular order:

1) Give your customers choice – The rule of 3. I have always advertised that i offer coaching in three different options; however, that’s not to say this has always been shared and proffered within a coaching consultation. Something was clearly holding me back; lack of confidence in the packages. This year I have re-branded my three coaching packages: Breakthrough, Mastery and Utopia, all showing what can be achieved via each program including a clear and transparent pricing structure. What product or service can you package up and offer so that your customer is given choices?

2) Gratitude Ritual – Don’t think me strange, just always open to new ways of thinking. I read a short excerpt in Red magazine two weeks ago and have been practicing it ever since with great results! Here’s how it works:

  • Spend 5 minutes last thing at night or 1st thing in the morning, (I do it in bed) lie back and close your eyes, bring your attention inward and upward to your third eye centre, the meditation point on the brow between your eyes.
  • List 5 things you are grateful for.
  • Next, tell yourself, ‘tomorrow (or today) will be a great day. I can feel it.’ List the things you want to happen, then turn the possibility over to the universe.

Since, I’ve been practising this, some amazing things have been happening. I’ll share them with you once you share yours with me! Go on; what are your grateful for and what do you want to happen?

3) Website Focus – Invest time focussing on your website and its content. For the past 3 months, having set a goal in January in increase the coaching enquiries I received through my website this is what I’ve done, with the results now being realised:

  • Create and add a promotional video showcasing what results and benefits your customers can expect to receive by using your products and services. Phil Arkinstall at Ark Media comes highly recommended for Promotional Videos. Check out his work.
  • Add a few case studies about what difference your customers have experienced through using your products and services
  • Check Google Analytics – the information provided via Google about what your website has been up to month to month.

What changes, updates and refreshes does your website need? Take a look at your website from your customer’s point of view.

4)  New Product Offering Being a business owner is today’s fast-paced, technologically and innovative market means you have to keep your products and services fresh, ahead of the competition and deliverable in an efficient, timely and fresh way too. Think about the current market, is there anything going on associated with your offering that you could enhance and deliver to help your customers further. For me it was developing an ‘Outplacement Services’ Career Coaching Program, to companies who are making redundancies or down-sizing or want to offer coaching to managers and directors to help them achieve more in the company. What new product of service offering can you develop to keep evolving your business?

5) Networking – anyone who knows me, knows that I love networking. Networking DOES work! Find the right networking group for you and it’ll work wonders for your personal development and should bring you a great return for your business too. There are loads out there and more groups and events opening up near you each month. Good sign eh!? If done right, networking will keep you on your toes, keep you ahead of your competition, keep your growing your business and instil you with focus, motivation and inspiration and keep you loving your work. What new networking event can you attend this month?

Want to discuss any of the business growth areas above get in touch with Clare.