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Top 5 Business Development Books

I have been running my own business since 2007 and as part of coaching qualifications I’ve completed I’ve read lots of books relating to specific qualifications, but it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve really read lots of books relating to my own business and personal development. So, here the top 5 books which have had the greatest impact on me and my coaching business.

#1 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.Covey

One of the all time popular and favourites amongst professionals who want to be the very best at what they do. It has clearly defined chapters according to the 7 habits, including diagrams and charts to demonstrate the paradigms and if you get the workbook it enables you to work through the chapters and start implementing for impactful business development. The book is involved, so create the time and space to give this your full attention; it’s worth it.

#2 The Business Coaching Handbook by Curly Martin

This is a great, hands on book to help business owners of any industry ‘be their own business coach’. From self-diagnosis from how committed you are to learning and changing to setting goals and creating compelling marketing. Business Coaching is all about creating change within yourself and your business and this delivers exactly that. With action boxes throughout the book it’s constantly challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone and create some accountability for positive business and personal development.

#3 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Originally published in 1937 its prevalence is still completely valid. If you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction and follow Paul McKenna, have an interest in NLP then this reiterates all the thinking surrounding this, only Napoleon Hill said it first. It offers case studies, anecdotes and stories of people and companies who have followed this ‘think and grow rich’ way of thinking to its fruition; just in case you need any more convincing about the business development potential.

#4 Strengths Finder by Tom Rath

A great book for team managers, leaders and career changers alike. Really useful for anyone who works closely with other people. Yes, all of you! It not only helps define how you like to work best and the people you thrive working with, but also helps to define others learning traits which can pinpoint what you can do to make professional relationships more productive. Giving great tools and tips help you do this, in an ‘Ideas for Action’ section for impactful personal and professional development.

#5 Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

I ‘read’ this book on audio. Wouldn’t usually do that, somehow my mouse and hand co-ordination went awry. This book gives a history of why he had two sets of thinking and which has been the most helpful, no prizes for guessing which Dad helped his ‘grow rich’ mindset the most! This was the first of the business development books I read and really started to breakdown my mindset and think about financial planning with more effect.

Clare Whalley celebrated 10 years in business in 2017. A great milestone to achieve. She graduated with an International degree in English and Education and went into corporate life to pursue a career outside of teaching. Successfully passing a rigorous graduate scheme into a blue chip company; working in several positions across team management, customer service and sales roles. A working trip to India helped her decide to resign, retrain and set up her own coaching and training business.

Clare now lives in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham with her two young children, Isabelle and James and her husband Rob.

Clare works with fellow business owners to help them create a business they love too. She uses strategies and tools which will help business owners get to the clients they love to work with, with more consistency and ease.

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