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What do I need a Life Coach for?

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Why would anyone need a life coach? That was the thought that went through the mind of one of my clients, he later admitted, as he put off our initial meeting.

Although he was struggling with many aspects of his life – relationships, work and home life – he couldn’t see what value a personal development coach like me could offer him.

But he felt as if he was sinking. So finally he came to a first session where we looked at what he wanted to achieve. Before that first session, as with all my coaching clients, I asked him to complete a document that sets the scene of where they are now and where they want to be.

This is what he had to say about that first session: “I can only liken Clare to a sculptor, and thought of the conversation between the painter and the sculptor. The painter turned round to the sculptor one day and asked: ‘How is it you can carve such beautiful statues out of big lumps of stone?’. The sculptor said: ‘I don’t…all I do is chip away at what doesn’t belong and chisel and refine what’s already there. And this is exactly what Clare does. She doesn’t try and make you into anything you aren’t already. She just helps chip away the fears, the doubt, the insecurities and takes the ideas you already have and helps you turn them into a realisation that you can achieve.”

This man wanted to restructure work, his relationships and personal ethics. There were tasks along the way over the next five sessions looking at all the positives and negatives and his role at work.
His testimonial means such a lot to me because he made such a huge change to his life in such a short time.

He wrote: “In five sessions Clare turned my life around, on a personal level and on a professional level. “If you want to make yourself feel better as a person, then don’t waste money on shoes, or a car for a temporary fix, see Clare for a permanent solution. Thank you Clare. Thank you for everything. You made me open my eyes to myself.”

It’s not unusual for people to have doubts about whether a life coach can help them. Many will delay for weeks, or months, about taking action and booking that initial meeting. But stories like this one show that the results can be a permanent change for the better in your professional life and your levels of personal peace and happiness.