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Winning more Business

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I’ve recently secured a training contract working out in Dubai once a month; everyone I tell (rightly so!) says ‘how did you do that!?’ So, thought it worth putting pen to paper to share how I did it. I feel the need to warn you in advance it wasn’t rocket science; however I’m not sure winning business ever is. I think the winning of this business opportunity can be broken into 3 achievements: networking, perseverance and delivery.


I was at a networking event in August of last year and bumped into a contact I’d made several years earlier and had previously done some training work for, again through networking coming to fruition. My contact Paul, said he knew someone looking for trainers out in Saudi Arabia, would I be interested? My initial thought was not overly keen. This aside I’m always one to embrace any new opportunity – if it sounds interesting and worth pursuing I say yes and establish the hows and ifs later. So Paul connected us up.

Perseverance and Tenacity

Perseverance and tenacity: two words often associated with attributes of an entrepreneur, self-employment, being your own boss etc are so true. To get to a point of making an initial connection took several months and to take that step any further took a further 2 months of deafening silence. But, I knew that this opportunity was worth investigating and being patient. I later found out that the silence was down to ‘finding trainer’s’ not being a priority for them at that time. Sometimes, we can interpret this silence as ‘disinterest’ and therefore abandon the business opportunity completely. Once it became the right timing I was invited to present and train them on a business related topic of my choice.


When you find yourself presented with an opportunity that ignites your passion, delivery becomes the easy bit. I was able to deliver a 30 minute workshop that showcased my skills, got them excited about my capabilities and helped me understand more about what I could offer. I have since written 9 business development courses for them and am now awaiting dates for delivery in Dubai, likely start June – all this from a casual remark at a business networking event.

Attend networking events, follow up any leads with tenacity and deliver enthusiastically and passionately.

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