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Work smarter in your business

You’re running a busy, stressful business and know you need to make changes to the way in which you handle the day to day running, to develop it. Being busy has become a badge of honour. In order to make the necessary changes you need in your life and business to create good change, you need to be prepared to step outside of what you’re comfortable with, and in no time you will work smarter, not harder.

Technology Switch Off

Out of hours (amongst the busy) working is becoming common practice – an email gets sent at 9pm and it’s dealt with by five past! ‘It only takes a few minutes’, is a well trotted out phrase. But this 5 minutes here and there means your brain is always switching from relaxed to stress, to work problems etc, never really giving yourself the time to truly switch off. It’s your business, so what will really happen if you don’t respond to an email after hours? Nothing, it’ll wait till the morning and your customers will be educated that’s when emails get responded to. The big, enlightened companies are recognising the importance of technology being switched off, with Volkswagen turning email off when employees are off shift, so it’s time for you too.

Out of Hours

You’re in either one of two camps: 1) your business offers an out of hours service which your customer pays for or 2) your business offers an out of hours service which your customer doesn’t pay for. Let’s firstly deal with 1i) decide who you want to deal with these scenarios and 1ii) how you will deal with them to minimise disruption, 1iii) what boundaries can be set? 2) First question would be why are you working outside of ‘normal’ working hours and not getting paid – what other successful business owner would do that?

Delegate Out

Stop doing the tasks in your business that you don’t like or you’re not very good at. These are the jobs that cause stress, anxiety levels to rise and generally make you feel low, stupid, shy, angry etc. The time it takes you to complete that same task would take an expert a third of the time and the output, no doubt, will be far superior. Give yourself a break and concentrate on the tasks in your business which you love and which enable you to feel good and show off your expertise in the best ways possible.

Clare Whalley celebrated 10 years in business in 2017. A great milestone to achieve. She graduated with an International degree in English and Education and went into corporate life to pursue a career outside of teaching. Successfully passing a rigorous graduate scheme into a blue chip company; working in several positions across team management, customer service and sales roles. A working trip to India helped her decide to resign, retrain and set up her own coaching and training business.

Clare now lives in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham with her two young children, Isabelle and James and her husband Rob.

Clare works with fellow business owners to help them create a business they love too. She uses strategies and tools which will help business owners get to the clients they love to work with, with more consistency and ease.

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