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Leadership and Management Workshops

Clare’s leadership and management workshops are delivered via both half day and full day, depending upon your specific business requirements to suit your people, your business and the results you’re aiming to achieve.

They are highly focused, engaging and interactive to help motivate and encourage our delegates to participate and embed their learning to ensure their commitment to embracing new and more effective ways of working within their own workplace context.

All workshops include:

  • Short needs analysis questionnaire for each staff member to complete prior to attending, so training can be developed and delivered bespokely
  • Written feedback post workshops and future suggestions for continued improvement both individually and for the business’ development

“Working with Clare has been a real pleasure; she is organised, dedicated, efficient and quickly grasps what is required. She is an effective negotiator and goes the extra mile to ensure that her understanding of her customers needs is at the centre of what she does and that she can add value and deliver tangible results. Our Chamber customers have received  have received incredible value that has delivered transformational and effective change within their organisations. I have no hesitation in recommending Clare.” David Tomalin Birmingham Chamber of Commerce


Dealing with Conflict

You should book onto this workshop if you are:

  • Experiencing high levels of discontent within your team/s
  • Struggling to maintain consistent levels of performance
  • Lacking good working relationships across your teams and organisation

Have a chat with Clare Whalley about boosting your business effectiveness.  What will you achieve?

Business and Workshop Results:

  • Be able to recognise and deal with a range of difficult situations
  • Understand how conflict may develop and how to stop it before it does
  • Resolve difficult situations
  • Set standards and measure individual performance against them
  • Develop and maintain a cohesive team

I would like to thank you for the excellent training sessions that you have carried out for our Team Leaders. All of the staff enjoyed the sessions and each of them has come back and improved in their job role by implementing some of the points that you have gone through in the training. The feedback that you have given has been comprehensive and extremely valuable for me to further improve the management systems in the company which can only benefit Y International. Tony Perks, Operations Director


Motivating your Team

You should book onto this workshop if you are:

  • Experiencing lack of motivation within the team to prosper and achieve more
  • Lacking an understanding around how to motivate your team
  • Wanting to create a more positive and ambitious working environment

Have a chat with Clare Whalley about how you can motivate your team to achieve more for themselves and the business. What will you achieve?

Workshop and Business Results:

  • Staff members taking more responsibility for their own personal development
  • Leaders being better equipped to lead themselves and their teams to achieve more in the roles
  • Better understanding on how to create, develop and implement more effective performance through personal development plans and regular communication
  • Giving all types of feedback in a more positive manner


Time Management

You should book onto this workshop if you are:

  • Experiencing lots of wasted time and resources on a daily basis
  • Wanting to achieve more efficient and better ways of working
  • Achieve more effective delegation across your leadership teams

Have a chat with Clare Whalley about boosting your business efficiencies.  What will you achieve with a more efficient and effective workforce?

Workshop and Business benefits:

  • Identify common time stealers using self-analysis tools
  • Application of easy to implement techniques for better prioritisation of daily, weekly activities and resources
  • Stop firefighting by recognising and acting upon activities that are important rather than urgent
  • Focused and more effective use of your time by utilisation of business goal setting

I thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions and found them to be very motivating. I believe that our employees have benefited from your great knowledge and expertise. Many exciting new techniques that were discussed during the training have been implemented. I really admire your positive attitude and great energy. The training sessions have been very inspiring and I would definitely recommend. Rayanne Jaffar Office Manager


Telephone Techniques

You should book onto this workshop if you are:

  • Losing business through lack of professional call handling
  • Wanting to create a more professional first impression on the phone
  • Needing to be more efficient with handling customer complaints and following up enquiries

Have a chat with Clare Whalley about how you can promote a better image of the business.  What will your business achieve with a more professional first impression?

Workshop and Business benefits:

  • Your team handling calls more professionally
  • Staff members being able to use better questioning techniques to get answers more efficiently
  • Team will develop more positive and successful outcomes to customer enquiries
  • Respond more effectively to frequent customer and supplier questions and concerns
  • More successful gathering and recording of customer information for better follow up

Clare was extremely knowledgeable and made everyone who took part in the training feel really relaxed and at ease. My team gained an invaluable insight and understanding with dealing with customers over the phone. Clare – thank you. Richard McGrail, Commercial Director, Armac Martin


Present and Communicate with Confidence Workshop

Day 1 Workshop Content:

You should book onto this workshop if you are:

  • Experiencing high levels of discomfort when presenting or communicating with one or more persons
  • Want to gain more confidence and create less stress when presenting
  • You want to be able to communicate to get better, more successful results each and every time.

Contact Clare for more details and to find out how communicating more confidently will impact your team and change the way you and your team communicate with each other.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Build excellent rapport with your audience each and every time
  • Understand what makes a good communicator and start to use the attributes for yourself
  • Use verbal and body language to communicate more effectively
  • Gain confidence and self-belief when presenting
  • Rid of nerves and anxieties by learning life-long skills and techniques to help combat them.

Day 2 Workshop Content:

You should book onto this course if you are: (you achieve more from this course when you have attended day one)

  • Wanting to hone your already existing presentation skills further
  • You want to develop presentations to engage and gain more successful results
  • Willing to test out and gain feedback on a delivered presentation from your fellow delegates

Workshop benefits:

  • Understand how to build an interactive, engaging and informative presentation
  • You will understand and be able to work alongside your own and others’ preferred learning & communication styles.
  • Put forward a positive and confident image of yourself
  • Deliver presentations in an engaging presentation in your own successful style.

Clare delivered a presenting and communicating with confidence workshop to a group of our most vulnerable clients to help them improve their confidence and communication skills. She adapted her approach to meet the needs of the client group which was well reflected in the feedback from clients. The course was informative and provided a range of activities for everyone to take part in what they felt comfortable with. A number of the participants said they would highly recommend we used Clare again should we do similar workshops in the future and felt that gained a lot from the workshop. Overall I was impressed with Clare’s professionalism and flexibility and ability to engage a tough client group. Sophia, Senior Employment and Training Adviser – Skills for Jobs

“Lots of useful information and tips on appearing confident and presenting yourself. I use techniques such as projecting a positive image through dress and positive language on a daily basis, and found advice and techniques on combating nerves and anxieties really useful in interview and stressful situations. In fact, since attending the course I have obtained internal promotion using Clare’s techniques to interview better and feel more confident in my abilities.


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