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Creating a Team to Work Hard for your Business

Running your own business, needless to say can be challenging. If you’re running a team too, this creates its own sub level of challenges. I dare say you’ve grown your business and developed yourself along the way, but have not thought about how you develop a team of your own. Here are some pointers to being a business coach for your team and getting them as passionate about your business as you are.

Team Meetings

Communicate clearly and regularly. This is a key component, I believe, to a successful business and team. Have a time (preferably Monday morning or Friday afternoon) where you gather your team for huddles or a meeting every week. Always have an agenda, even if it’s loose or informal and discuss the week ahead. Share what you want to achieve, what tasks, actions or projects that are high importance and give plenty of opportunity for your team to share any issues, challenges they may have. If done regularly, these meetings need only be 10 – 15 minutes and will have a huge impact on team morale, productivity and your working environment.


Many business owners can be heard saying it’s quicker to just do it myself! Yes, maybe in the short term; however longer term if you add up the time over a week or a month it takes for you to complete a basic or admin related, you could be saving yourself multiple hours. In this time you can be working on your business, developing customer relationships, business development etc. Spare the time now, empower your staff members, train them well and watch them increase in confidence and step up to the responsibility. Watch how much more motivated and involved they become in the finer workings of the business.

Motivate your Team

All business owners know what happens when a person is motivated in their job: more positive, adaptable, happier to change, spread an organisation’s reputation for the good, reduce absenteeism, reduce stress, improve performance & profit, work harder, the list goes on. First steps to motivating your team are to check in with your own assumptions and beliefs – how do you carry yourself at work, in front of your team? Are you positive, motivated, stress free? Find out what motivates your team (a task in a team meeting perhaps) is it money, time off, vouchers, recognition? Then create some motivation incentives.

Be a Transformational Leader

Before business coaching I was a people manager. Always standing by ‘don’t-ask- team-member to do something I was not prepared or knew how to do myself. This gained lots of respect and most of all puts you at the business owner in a position of understanding the skills, resources, challenges and time it takes to complete a task or project to the best outcome possible.


Clare at Meta4 has been running her own coaching and training business since 2007. Clare offers loads of great freebie resources to help you grow your business; they’re easy to implement, engaging and most of all they get you your business growth results!

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Top ten tips for running a sustainable and successful business

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Sometimes you can be so busy working IN your business – doing all those hands-on, practical day-to-day tasks – that you forget the importance of working ON your business. To have a successful and sustainable business you need to keep the clients you have already AND find new ones. This means that you can't just be 'the do-er' – you need to be your own sales and marketing specialist too. Getting and keeping customers is the most important role at any company – without customers there's obviously no business. That's why a lot of my top ten tips for running a successful and sustainable business are about reminding your customers to do business with you while reaching out to the new clients who will secure the future of your business.

1. Keep in touch with your customers – Ask them if you can add their email to an occasional newsletter where you provide special offers, showcase your expertise and highlight success stories; offer a free six-monthly check-up; connect and interact with them on social media.

2. Find, and stay in touch with, the influencers who can help you build your business – Local face-to-face networking and online networking are both ways to meet people who can evangelise about your business; establish a trusted coaching group with other business owners where you can give and take advice and support each other.

3. Offer something for nothing – Giving out top tips via your website or blog, offering free consultation and perhaps an open surgery wins trust and showcases your expertise and experience making potential customers more likely to choose YOU.

4. Make sure your customer service is better than your competition – Whatever your product or service there's always another business your customer could choose. Make sure your exceptional customer service is the reason they come back to you.

5. Reward customers and clients for referrals – If someone wins business for you offer them a gift or a discount off your products/services as a tangible way of saying 'thank you'. What others say about you is many times more powerful than what you say about yourself.

6. Spend at least 10% of your working week on developing your business – Diary regular slots when you ignore emails and other jobs and work on some of these tips. If your business is still in its early stages you need to devote more hours to growing your client base, planning for future growth and measuring the success of things you try.

7. Ensure your promotional material is professional and compelling – Review the content and images on your website, business cards, brochures, leaflets and social media platforms regularly. Is everything consistent and conveying the image you want to project?

8. ALWAYS set business goals for the next 12 months – They should be SMART – Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Targeted. Don't put them away in a drawer. Keep them in sight, adding images to fix them in your mind; measure your progress towards your goals.

9. Understand how your customers find you now – You should always know how every part of your marketing is working. A spreadsheet can be tagged or colour coded to show how customers found you; measure the return on any investment (time as well as money) that you have made; identify where you want your customers to come from and adjust your plans accordingly.

10. Your enthusiasm for what you do is infectious – If you still have pride and passion in what you do, your customers will be impressed and confident in your ability to deliver. If you have fallen out of love a little bit with what you do it might be time to invest in some coaching to get you back on track – or to help you decide to make changes.

If you want any more information about bringing about positive change in your life and your business, contact me for a free initial consultation on 07739 196896.