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Develop a scalable business; more focused implementation

You’re ambitious; you have bigger plans for your small business, you’re earning a good income and you’re motivated to achieve more. You have a great deal of passion for your product and service.  But…you now want to take the 1st steps towards removing yourself from the day to day running of your business and develop a more effective team and a slicker set of business processes and a more in control you. With all this in place you know you will achieve so much more from your business and get your life back. Working with a business coach will help you to solve these challenges. You will gain clarity in a clear, measured and strategic way to start taking the right steps forward. To find out more contact Clare or call Clare for a chat on +44 (0) 7739 196896.

Develop a Clear Plan of Action

The integral starting point to developing your strategy is to get crystal clear on what it is you’re aiming to achieve for you and your business. Once you are clear on your strategy, you can start taking the right action, and the right kind of action will lead you and your growing business to the desired results. We will create a 12 month mind map that will help you work towards a scalable business.

Create Happy and Loyal Customers

business_coachingDeveloping key strategies and processes to find out what your customers really want from you is key to them coming back time and time again. This is where we will implement a strategy that works for your business to create a loyal and happy customer base who also generate the right referrals for you and your business. It is generally recognised that acquiring new customers can cost small businesses 4 – 6 times more, so it pays in more ways than one to look after your existing customer base.

Develop More Efficient Business Processes

You’re spending too much time on the day to day running of your business and leaving little or no time for your business development. Business Coaching will give you the time and space to review all the integral steps in the daily running, and what skills, resources and technology you have available to implement key processes that will take you out of the daily running and put you firmly into the business development role, so you can regain your focus on the work you really love to do in your business.

Develop a Motivated Team

You may have a small team at present, they may be self-employed, freelance or employed by you and your business. You know you could be achieving more with your business if you utilised team members’ skills, and used them as a resource more effectively. If you did this you and your business would also reap the added bonus of them being more motivated and more inspired to work on your business alongside you. Through coaching you will understand the gaps to even greater team success. You will develop a more effective team environment with a unified focus on business development.

Coaching with Clare helps manage your overwhelm and ensures you take the time and much needed space and guidance outside of your business, so you can really start focusing on what steps you need to take in your business to keep it moving forward and get your quality of life back.  Contact Clare on 07739 196896 to book in for a chat and find out how coaching will work for you and your business.

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“The work I’ve done with Clare has improved the way I run my business immeasurably, resulting in an almost immediate increase in profit and the development of long term strategies. I am now supremely confident that my business is growing and will continue to do so in the future.”



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