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Why you need a branding specialist

My business doesn’t need a rebrand!

Often, businesses can get in a rut with this mentality. Your business may appear to be ticking along OK, without having to invest much time and money in developing your company’s image. But for how long? And what opportunities could you be missing, while your brand stagnates?

In today’s busy world, just being a great business delivering a great service is not enough. Relying on your reputation alone to generate sales will eventually become a problem, particularly if your competitors are getting ahead of the game and investing in their own brands.

Keeping your finger on the pulse with your customers, staff and suppliers, their needs and wants, and ensuring your company has the right image to reflect this, is essential in maintaining your business growth and building those relationships.

The worst outcome would be that your brand is actually working AGAINST you – putting out mixed messages can really turn potential customers off. After all, if your brand messaging is unprofessional and incoherent, someone who doesn’t know you would assume that your business is too.

A good analogy here is to think of a successful pop band. Their image is carefully crafted with their target audience in mind, from the way they dress, the way they behave, their logo and artwork for their album covers and merchandise. Image is everything, and it all has to work together to represent their core product – their music. The bands who get it right are the ones headed for stardom.

I can just do it myself, can’t I?

To an extent – but are you putting the right message out there? Are you crafting your marketing material to truly reflect your company, and how you do business? Do you understand who you are selling to, and how to create a visual identity that can really hook the right people in?

This is the time to get a branding specialist involved in your business, who can help you find the answers to these questions. With a good brand strategy in place, you can create an image for your business that is unique to you, but strategic in it’s approach to enabling your business to grow.

Isn’t it expensive?

It really doesn’t need to be. Larger corporations can spend millions on creating and developing their brand, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Using a small, local design agency means you can achieve your dream brand without having to break the bank. And, when you consider the potential uplift in your company profile, sales and profits as a result – you will very likely consider the investment a absolute bargain.

I’m anxious about making big changes

This is quite normal, and just human nature. Life is busy, and often business owners can feel that addressing their tired brand is another stress they just don’t need, or see the value in. The whole process may feel quite alien to you too, and therefore something to avoid. However, a company that can adapt and evolve will grow more successfully than one that doesn’t.

A good branding specialist will support your through the journey – one step at a time.  From understanding the character of your company and establishing your aspirations for it, to creating your ‘perfect customer’ avatar – you may be surprised by the things you discover about your own business. Using an experienced, creative agency ensures that the end result will be something that will make you feel proud, excited and confident – and you will wonder why you ever felt nervous.

What difference will it make?

Marketing your business with a unique, truly reflective brand will position you ahead of your competitors, even as the market leaders, it will attract the right kind of customers, change the way people perceive you, and it will effectively communicate what your business is all about. But more than that, it gives you, your staff and your customers something solid to buy into. Putting the vision for your business into a visual identity produces real, measurable results for businesses that take the plunge with their rebrand. As an essential ingredient for the success of a growing business wanting to move to the next level, the question is, can you afford not to?

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